The North Miami Beach Kollel

The NMB Kollel is located in Congregation Shaarey Tefillah, 971 NE 172 st. NMB FL, and has been servicing the local Jewish Community since 2006. The mission of the kollel is to create a vibrant Makom Torah, a place where there is constant study of Torah, in the heart of the Jewish Community, providing unlimited learning opportunities to all members of the community. 

Additionally, the Kollel serves as a central figure in the spreading of Torah in the entire region, through the many Torah classes which are given by Kollel members in neighboring communities: Surfside, Aventura, Hollywood, and Hollywood Beach. 

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Latest Updates

Thursday Night Mishmar 07/14/2014

Mishmar for the next two weeks will be on the topic of the Three Weeks. This week Parashas  Matos will be given by Rabbi Gedalyah Glatt. Next week Parashas Masei will be given by Rabbi Shlomo Volk

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Parshas Pinchas 07/12/2014

The Kollel's weekly newsletter from Parshas Pinchas, 

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